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Types Of Mental Illness covers the causes, treatments and solutions of fear, anxiety, insecurity, panic, depression, grief, addictions, eating disorders and much more.

Types Of Mental Illness

Once we're diagnosed with a mental or emotional illness or disorder, many of us throw our hands up and ask," What can I do about it?"  This is the right question! Too often, this question just expresses a feeling of helplessness.  Usually you can do a lot about your mental and emotional health issue.  The pages we linked here are dedicated to helping you understand your mental, psychological and emotional illness, find out the causes, and learn about ways to overcome, manage, treat and recover from your particular health issue.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as a change in diet or exercise.  In more severe disorders, a drug is prescribed by your doctor to allow you the ability to function normally.  In these cases, you will still find much helpful information and support here.  Nothing we offer is meant to replace the treatment or advice of a licensed professional.  Instead,  we offer help, advice, support and useful links to assist you to take the actions you can take to manage and cope with your mental illness.  Our help pages are arranged in brief articles on specific mental illness and emotional health issues:

Types Of Mental Illness Pages:

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