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Weight Loss Tips offers a sensible approach to weight loss and ways to overcome serious eating disorders. You'll find many helpful tips pages and links to useful weight loss and treatment resources.

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Not fast and easy!  What if I promised that I had a slow and difficult weight loss program...would you want that?  Actually, weight loss is simple.  Good weight loss has more energy (calories) going out than coming in your body.  It's that simple! Just because it's simple doesn't make it easy.  Weight loss requires the discipline to do the right things and not do the wrong things.  If you're still looking for fast and easy, maybe some of the ads on this page will interest you.  Here's some weight loss tips from the National Institute of Health. 

Now that we've had an attitude adjustment, we're in a position to consider an eating plan (diet) to lose weight.  The three most important things to look for in an eating plan are; nutrition, sustainability and transition to weight maintenance lifestyle.  Here are some dietary guidelines from the USDA.  Once we've started the right diet, it's time to get our blood pumping.  Just as a healthy diet is balanced, a healthy life-style includes both diet and exercise.  Remember our formula (more going out than coming in)!  Exercise is the "going out" part of the formula.

This article is for people who are 1-15 % overweight and want to pick up some tools to add to their weight loss management toolbox.  It isn't really for people with serious weight loss problems like mine (food addiction).  If you're seriously overweight, have trouble staying on a diet until you've reached your goal, have continued to lose weight past your goal, or if you've begun to use vomiting or laxatives to control your weight, take a look at our pages on Eating Disorders.

Attitude is the heart of weight loss management.  When I had the right attitude and a strong motivation, I found it relatively easy to lose 60 pounds in six months.  Since then, my attitude about weight has been that it's important, but not essential, to be a healthy weight.  I would diet, then not, with little regard for results.  This type of attitude won't work!  To learn more about how to control attitude to lose weight, see Lose Weight Using The BAR Cycle.

If you have a challenge getting motivated to stay on a weight loss program, you may want to change your outlook with an "inlook".  We need help to believe the future holds wonderful things.  I got that help from God.  If you want help from God to have a positive outlook to make your weight loss goals, click on Healing From God.

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