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The Other Nutrients pages contain valuable information on nutrients that may not be classified as essential Vitamins, Minerals or Proteins, but provide significant health and fitness benefits.

Beyond the well established essential Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins-Amino Acids and Water, there is a growing list of nutrients that provide health support and enhancement roles in your body's nutritional menu.  As science advances, these nutrients move from rumor/legend status to accepted, proven tools to treat and prevent disease.  Some of the nutrients we've included have already achieved wide acceptance in the health and fitness field.  For many of our Other Nutrients, the jury is still out as to their effectiveness but initial evidence suggests they may contribute significantly to your health and fitness goals.  As new information becomes available, we'll be adding pages to this list.

Other Nutrients List:

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Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits
Beta Carotene What Is It
CoQ10 Benefits
Chondroitin-Does It Work
Dietary Boron Used For?
Glucosamine Side Effects
Glutathione Benefits
Inositol Facts
Lecithin Facts
Lutein Side Effects
Melatonin Safety
Omega 3 Benefits

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Choosing Supplements For Other Nutrients:

While finding a good multi-vitamin-mineral supplement is fairly easy, other nutrients aren't that simple.  The more unique and rare, the less visibility and control there is over quality and potency. 

To make sure you're getting what you want and what you need, follow a few steps:
1.  Know the reason you plan on using the nutrient.
2.  Learn the benefits, side effects and interactions of the nutrient (see individual nutrients above).
3.  Be familiar with other vitamins, minerals, herbs and medicine you're taking.
4.  Seek professional advice from a qualified doctor or herbalist.
5.  Find suppliers with referrals from people you trust.
6.  Choose large, well-known manufacturers.
7.  Read label and all manufacturer information and ask questions until you're satisfied you'll be receiving a pure product.
8.  Never take something just because you heard it was good for you.
9.  Once you're happy with a certain formula, don't switch and assume everything will be the same. 

Nutrients For Life:

If you're looking to nutrition for health and fitness, you probably want a healthy life...not just body or looks...but mind, body and spirit.  You can renew your mind and spirit with God's help.  He can heal the stuff your diet doesn't control.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

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