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Addiction Recovery Solutions offers information and support on alcoholism, drugs, gambling, food, sex and other addictions. Find self-tests and solutions to determine the extent of the addiction and recovery help.

Addiction Recovery Solutions

What Is Addiction?

Addiction can be simply described as a compulsive or obsessive relationship to a substance or behavior.  If you feel a "need" for something all the time or at specific times, you may be an addict.  This could be a chemical (like drugs, alcohol, or tobacco), another substance (like food or even water), or a behavior (like viewing pictures). 

What Are The Symptoms Of Addiction?

It's pretty easy to spot the symptoms of addiction by asking yourself some specific questions:  Do I think a lot about the substance or behavior?  Do I frequently use?  Do I hide my use from people I care about?  Do I lie to myself or others about it?  Do I suspect I have a problem?  Are there specific circumstances that seem to trigger my use?  Am I doing it more than before?  Am I sacrificing people or things I value to do it?  If you said yes to any of these questions, you may have an addiction. 

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