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The Herbs-Herbal Nutrition pages provide uses, benefits, cautions, side effects, nutrition, supplement information and resources for the most popular herbs.

Herbs and Herbal Nutrition

Since every plant has some nutrients, what makes certain plants herbs and others, just...weeds?  Good question!  The answer is...

Parts of some plants, over the years, have achieved a reputation for providing certain medicinal or health benefits to remedy illness or discomfort.

Chemicals in many of these herbs, as science developed, have become active ingredients in medicines, while the benefits of others have come under suspicion.  Many are less harmful and as useful as prescription medicines used to treat the same illnesses.  As the scientists and naturalists learn to overcome their prejudices toward each other, the whole universe of health and fitness is changing.

Herbs And Herbal Nutrition Pages:

As new discoveries are confirmed and plants achieve new recognition for their health value, we will add them to our list of Herbs and Herbal Nutrition pages.  You can come here for plain language information on the most popular herbs.  The following are links to our Herbs and Herbal Nutrition pages:

Nutrition Information RSS Feed  Nutrition Information
Alfalfa Health Benefits
Aloe Vera Health Benefit
Angelica Plant Uses
Belladonna Uses
Bilberry Help Cataracts?
Black Cohosh Side Effects
Black Tea Health Benefits
Blessed Thistle
Bloodroot Uses
Bromelain Pineapple
Burdock Root Taiwan
Catnip Smoking-Effects
Celery Seed Benefits
Centella Asiatica-Gotu...
Chamomile Benefit
Chlorophyll Research
Cinnamon Health Benefits
Comfrey-What Is It?
Damiana Benefits
Dandelion Leaves-Root
Dark Chocolate Benefits
Echinacea Side Effects
Ginger Health Benefits
Gingko Biloba-Effects
Ginseng Side Effects
Glucose Support Herbs
Hawthorn Berry
Health Benefits Of Herbs
Horehound Herb
Licorice Root Benefits
Sarsaparilla Definition
Valerian Root Side Effects

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