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Introduction to Aerobic Walking, The Weight-Loss Exercise.  Aerobic Walking discusses the benefits of this exercise, including weight, muscle tone, looks, heart health, self-esteem, etc.  The author gives us the techniques and tips acquired from years as a an aerobic walking instructor, packed into one book.

Introduction To Aerobic Walking, The Weight-Loss Exercise

Introduction To Aerobic Walking:

This book is a complete guide compressed into a few pages.  It starts out with an amazing array of facts and figures on why we would choose aerobic walking over all the other exercise and weight-loss options available to us.  Then, the author, Mort Malkin, takes off from there into the proper technique to get the best workout with the least stress on our bodies.  He covers exactly how to develop that technique easily over a few weeks.  The book goes on to discuss how to work into the exercise program from a dead stop to the complete workout, over a period of eight weeks....and how to stay motivated. 

Aerobic Walking continues, discussing the right diet to support the program and retrain yourself for a life healthy eating with variety and flavor.  You'll also find detailed information about the health benefits and other values to aerobic walking, what clothing and equipment is required, how to exercise safely and other special benefits of aerobic walking.

I must admit partiality, because aerobic walking is my favorite exercise.  I've been doing it for over 15 years.  With all that experience, I'm still learning a lot from this book.

Aerobic Walking Chapter Reviews:

Aerobic Walking Introduction

Aerobic Walking Outline

Chapter 1- Looking Good:  That Special Essence

Chapter 2-Metabolic Magic:  How To Become A Lean Machine

Chapter 3-Aerobic Walking:  Technique Is Everything

Chapter 4-The Program:  How Far, How Fast, How Often

Chapter 5-Heads You Win

Chapter 6-The Aerobic Diet Guide For Reducing:  The Variety Principle

Chapter 7-Aerobic Diet Guide-Maintenance

Chapter 8-Health, Illness And Wellness

Chapter 9-Perqs: Beyond Health And Weight Loss

Chapter 10-Safely, Safely:  Gain Without Pain

Chapter 11 Accessories: Outfitting For Aerobic Walking 

Chapter 12-The Master's Class: The Fountain Of Youth

Chapter 13-Small Miracles:  Blessings Left And Right

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Total Longevity:

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