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Codependency is a serious addiction described well in The Power Of Addicted Love a riveting autobiography which gives us all hope for recovery. This is an introduction to the book and chapter reviews.

Codependency:  "The Power Of Addicted Love", by Teresa Hamilton

Codependency Books:

Get a copy of The Power Of Addicted Love so you can follow along.

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Codependency is sometimes regarded as an imaginary condition where the name is assigned just to make it seem "real."  The book The Power Of Addicted Love shows how codependency is very real.  Teresa Hamilton covers everything in this autobiography, including the embarrassing things.  We're drawn with her through life-threatening situations with her alcoholic, drug addicted and often violent husband.  She is as addicted as her husband, not to drugs, but to her need to control things.  This is the very real experience of a codependent...addicted to trying to fix things.  The story covers real emotions in a real way, with no window dressing.  Her story gives us hope.  Whatever happens, we can make it, just like she did, to a dream life.  For the next several weeks, we'll review the book, chapter-by-chapter.  Get your copy now, so you can read ahead.

The Power Of Addicted Love Chapter Reviews:

Introduction To The Power Of Addicted Love-Codependency

Codependency-The Outline to Power Of Addicted Love

Chapter 1, Set The Stage

Chapter 2, Life Imagined

Chapter 3, Codependency 

Chapter 4, Enabling And Denial

Chapter 5, The 5 Minute Wedding

Chapter 6, Standards Lowered

Chapter 7, Obsession With Success

Chapter 8, Love Too Much

Chapter 9, Got It Bad

Chapter 10, Flattering Battery

Chapter 11, Stomach Kick

Chapter 12, Angel

Chapter 13, Hope-Less

Chapter 14, Not Quite Free

Chapter 15, Forgiving

Chapter 16, Honeymoon

Chapter 17, Defraud

Chapter 18, Help Moving Out

Chapter 19, God's Plan

Chapter 20, Teresa's Dream Life

Total Healing:

If you're addicted to codependency or to a substance or activity there is one place you're sure to get help to heal.  The one source that can give you complete God.  He is the higher power behind all valid 12-step programs.  If you want His help, just click on God Help Me.

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